Sam Grodofsky, MD

Dr. Grodofsky has always had a passion for educating, empowering and encouraging his patients to achieve a higher level of personal wellness.  He received his training at the University of Pennsylvania and is  double board-certified in pain medicine and anesthesiology. His transition from society’s “sick care model” towards a wellness model led to the creation of Main Line Center for Integrative Medicine.  When he is not devoting his time to his practice, Dr. Grodofsky loves to run, ski and travel with his family.

Chrissy Nelson RN, BSN

Chrissy has always displayed an enthusiasm for helping others.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at West Chester University, PA.  During her 15 plus years of her nursing career she became an avid advocate in helping patients facilitate their paths to wellness. She has received training in holistic health and nutrition at the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy.  She has also completed an internship with a clinical nutritionist with over 25 years experience in the field.  When she is not guiding others to improve their well-being she enjoys reading, biking and spending time with her beautiful family.